Trump support collapses: ‘second trial is coming’

Trump support collapses: 'second trial is coming'

President Trump has now admitted his loss, right?

In his latest video, Trump talks about his past presidency and says a new administration is coming. It is the first time he has admitted this. The feeling in the United States is that he is reading a speech, that is. Made by his advisers in the White House. “

Many people do not believe it?

Experience tells us that Trump could say something else tomorrow. This speech came after great pressure from ministers and staff in the White House. They have threatened to leave if Trump does not speak more clearly. The first video message, during the storm, was the straw that broke the camel’s back to staff. And he appeared to defend the crowd. You are very special, he said at the time.

The new video message is its end?

“No, the pressure on the White House to remove Trump remains enormous. The president can be removed from office by his people, through the 25th amendment to the constitution. The vice president and a majority of the cabinet is needed for that. My assessment is that there is no such majority, and so the number of From the ministers themselves to stop. “

“Two ministers have resigned, including Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. She kept that for four years. If you’re still here now, you’re very loyal to Trump. But she also says now, ‘I’m leaving. Also many of the staff, who are less clear. They quit.’ “.

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So the Democrats initiate impeachment proceedings?

“The Democrats are already done with Trump. They think he is a danger to the country. He has fueled things and they think anything could go wrong in the last 12 days of his term. If the 25th Amendment option fails. – And it looks like that now -” The Democrats want to vote in the House of Representatives next week on impeachment. “

Does she have a chance to succeed?

“If the House votes on impeachment proceedings, the president will be formally mandated. For his trial, a two-thirds majority in the Senate will also be needed. The Senate will not meet again until after Biden’s inauguration. If they meet earlier, roughly twenty would have to be required.” Republican vote. The chance is small. So the president will not be questioned, but President Trump will be the only president to face his impeachment twice. “

Should he hold himself accountable in another way?

“Justice has launched an investigation into the storming of the Capitol. It is also looking at the president’s role. I don’t think they will prosecute him. The judge has to prove that there is sedition. Trump said, go to it. The Capitol has spoken, but he didn’t order the windows smashed. I think it’s hard to determine.” “

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