Trump refuses to sign ‘outrageous’ Corona support package

Trump refuses to sign 'outrageous' Corona support package

The US President announced this in a video clip on Twitter. According to the president, the package “has nothing to do with covid-19”. For example, Trump states that millions go to other countries and artistic and cultural institutions, while seeing it as irrelevant:

One component of the bailout package is a one-off amount of $ 600 (roughly $ 500) per US $ approximately. According to Trump, this amount should be increased to $ 2,000 (over 1,600 euros). Trump said: “The American people now get the bottom line.” “While this virus was not their fault. It was China’s fault.”

Waste and unnecessary

Trump sees other assistance measures as “wasted” or “unnecessary.” Earlier this week, after months of meetings, the Corona support package was approved by Democrats and Republicans.

The aid measures, described in a 5,593-page document, were subsequently approved by both the US House of Representatives and the Senate.

In addition to the $ 600 for Americans, there will be a support scheme for struggling small businesses, and the money will go to schools, airlines, public transportation and vaccine distribution.


Both Democratic and Republican leaders view the package as a compromise. The bill didn’t contain everything that Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives, wanted, but she said it was heading in the right direction. A representative of the Republican Party said: “It’s a fair compromise.”

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