Trump News Live: Latest Twitter update as the President attacks officials in Georgia

Trump News Live: Latest Twitter update as the President attacks officials in Georgia

Donald Trump continued his attacks on the Georgia state leadership after midnight last night when he was angry at officials’ refusal to entertain his lies about the US election.

The president tweeted a clip of the fake OAN news channel, which pushed him as a substitute for Fox News, while Governor Brian Kemp warned that “Georgia is watching.” He also attacked Lieutenant Geoff Duncan, calling him “stupid”.

The tantrum came after Georgia re-confirmed Joe Biden’s election victory after two recounts. Meanwhile, the president-elect continued to add names to his next government. Last on the list is, reportedly, retired Army General Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense.


“This is the moment”: Biden faces pressure to cancel student debt – here’s how to do it

Without much intervention from the White House or Congress, millions of Americans with student loan debt could be returned to student loan payments, with wages and booked collections resuming after the moratorium expires during the rampant pandemic.

In March, the Department of Education issued an order to suspend student loan debt payments, temporarily stop accrued interest, and stop collecting troubled federal loans. Writes Alex Woodward.

The Donald Trump administration extended the suspension until the end of January, days after President-elect Joe Biden took office, while relief proposals from the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives reached a dead end with the Republican Senate.

John SharmanDecember 8, 2020 09:13


Beijing warns of “strict countermeasures” to the new sanctions

The restrictions, which include travel bans, are linked to China’s ongoing crackdown on freedom in Hong Kong, where elected opposition politicians have been excluded.

Washington’s sanctions have targeted the vice-chairmen of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC), the highest decision-making body in the Chinese legislature.

In a press briefing on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that Beijing would take “strict measures against the malicious actions of the United States to protect our sovereignty, our security and our development rights.”

It also urged Mr. Trump to withdraw the decision.

John SharmanDec 8, 2020 08:54


Joe Biden Picks Retired General to Defense Secretary who will be the first black man to hold the position: reports

CNN and Politico reported that the Biden administration had appointed Lloyd Austin, a retired army general, to choose him as defense minister, Writes Josh Marcus.

If confirmed, Mr. Austin, who led US military operations in the Middle East under the Obama administration as head of US Central Command, would be the first black man to hold the position.

Mr. Austin also served as a senior commander in Iraq and was the Army’s first black deputy chief of staff, and the second highest-ranking officer in the service.

John SharmanDec 8, 2020 08:35


“People have talked”: A Michigan judge dismisses Sydney Powell’s election lawsuit

A federal judge in Michigan ruled that the lawsuit brought by the conservative prosecutor was filled with “theories, speculations, and speculation” and dismissed it.

US District Judge Linda Parker ruled against the lawsuit, which asked the state to grant its electoral votes to Trump despite his loss there by about 155,000 votes.

John SharmanDecember 8, 2020 08:16


The doctor who criticized Trump’s Covid-19 motorcade withdrew his jobs at Walter Reed Hospital

The emergency room doctor who criticized Donald Trump for greeting supporters in a motorcade from the car while still ill with Covid-19 reportedly lost his shifts at Walter Reed Hospital.

CBS News reported that James Phillips, a specialist in disaster medicine, is no longer on the hospital’s schedule, starting in January.

After Mr. Trump revealed his Secret Service bodyguards about the virus by asking them to drive, Dr. Phillips tweeted: “Everyone … in the car during that totally unnecessary presidential trip should now be quarantined for 14 years. Days. They might die … for the sake of the political theater. At Trump’s order to put their lives at risk on stage. This is crazy.

The tweet has since been deleted.

John Sharman8 December 2020 07:57


Trump throws a late-night tantrum on Twitter

Donald Trump continued his attacks on officials in Georgia late into the night, angry at their refusal to take seriously his unfounded allegations of vote fraud.

Trump also mocked Duncan as “stupid or corrupt” for his lack of support for electoral intrigues.

Georgia yesterday reasserted Joe Biden’s victory in the state after a recount confirmed the result.

The President tweeted a number of clips of TV programs whose hosts have supported him. He is also still claiming publicly that he won the election, which he did not.

John Sharman8 December 2020 07:41

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