Trump looks up and goes to the Supreme Court to look

Trump looks up and goes to the Supreme Court to look

Since FBI agents raided Donald Trump’s Florida home two months ago, authorities and the former president have been embroiled in a legal battle. Trump now wants the Supreme Court, America’s highest judicial body, to rule on the case.

11,000 documents

All about the 11,000 documents found in the Trump home. The former president wants the court to reverse a decision made by three judges at the end of last month.

The alleged appeals court then ruled that the US Department of Justice may continue to investigate classified documents found at Trump’s home.

criminal investigation

Previously, the investigation was halted because the judge decided to postpone the investigation until an independent arbitrator (special chair) was given the opportunity to evaluate the materials found during the search. This independent judge was appointed later.

If the Supreme Court rules Trump is right, the Department of Justice (of which the FBI belongs) should stop the criminal investigation. This relates to whether classified papers were withheld and whether there was an attempt to thwart a federal investigation.

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