Trump, Campaign Flailing, Embarks on One more Media Blitz to ‘Control the Agenda’ in 2020. It Isn’t Doing work.

Trump, Campaign Flailing, Embarks on Another Media Blitz to ‘Control the Agenda’ in 2020. It Isn’t Working.

Setting up in the remaining yr of former unique counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, President Donald Trump would periodically repeat to his individual law firm and political advocate Rudy Giuliani a crucial, a few-term phrase. “Regulate the agenda,” he’d privately explain to his lawyer, according to 3 persons who’ve read the president say this.

Trump would deploy the phrase particularly when commenting on, and attaboying, Giuliani’s hottest tv appearances, media hits that would at occasions convert comically combative, careen off the rails, and feel to build even bigger community-relations head aches than they were worth. No make a difference, the president generally recommended. So generally, the issue was not to maintain the peace but to kick up dust, choose the fight to the media, and to try to drive information stores to go over and explore matters on Trump’s conditions, all in the hopes of swaying, or muddying, community impression.

It’s just one approach that has served this president properly on and off, with potentially the greatest payoff  the outcome of the 2016 election. But the president’s desired media strategy of omnipresence doesn’t generally pay back off. It did not cease the Residence from falling to the Democrats in the 2018 midterms, and Trump and Giuliani’s devotion to the tactic arguably triggered the chain response that led to the president having impeached.

Specially if Trump is in an electoral or political bind, as with the midterm elections, he will desire to his workers that he get as lots of interviewers into the Oval Workplace as possible, and that as lots of of his “exclusives” on Tv and cable news get aired as rapidly as possible. To Trump, pretty much all of his political woes can be fastened if he can just command an ungodly volume of media attention. He clings to this idea even when it is substantially challenged, these types of as earlier this yr when his frequent presence at the White Household coronavirus briefings ravaged his poll figures, led to senior aides begging him to end executing them, and ultimately resulted in the president halting his appearances. 

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