Trump breaks the silence about devastating wildfires, blaming them on poor forest management

Trump breaks the silence about devastating wildfires, blaming them on poor forest management

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced across the region, and the death toll has now passed 30 – although authorities have warned that this is likely to rise.

After being relatively silent on the issue for weeks, Trump announced that he would travel to California on Monday for a briefing from local and federal emergency officials.

Smoke from a California bushfire hanging over the San Francisco

At his gathering, he also recognized the severity of the wildfires and thanked the “28,000 firefighters and first responders who are fighting with courage and courage there”.

Of the fires, he said, “There was no such thing as this.”

The president’s comments about fire management are likely to be controversial, especially since most of California’s forests are in the national forests, and are managed by federal authorities.

However, this is not the first time he has shared such views: At a battlefield rally in Pennsylvania last month, Trump threatened to cut emergency funding to California because the state was not doing enough to “clean up” its forest floors, and so it had. “Decades of papers.”

Trump says the west coast wildfires are the result of poor forest management.

Trump says the west coast wildfires are the result of poor forest New York Times

He said, “Maybe we will just have to pay them because they don’t listen to us.”

California has seen five of the 10 largest fires in history this year. According to Newsom, there have been 7,700 forest fires over the past few months and nearly 1.3 million hectares have burned. By comparison, last year the state recorded 4,900 forest fires and burned 48,000 hectares.

“The debate on climate change is over,” the Democratic governor told a news conference on Saturday after touring the North Complex Fire near Oroville. “If you don’t believe it, just come to California.”

Newsom said that to deal with the crisis, California will need to revise its environmental targets. This could include adapting strategies to get more electric vehicles onto the streets, electrifying the transportation system, and re-examining land use and soil policies.

Trump’s visit to California was added to her two-day campaign tour of Nevada and Arizona, the two major battlefields of the November 3 election.

He organized his march in Nevada today in an airport hangar in Minden near Lake Tahoe. It was supposed to be held in Reno but ended up canceling it due to the COVID19 restrictions the governor set for 50 people on outdoor gatherings.

However, there were no such restrictions at the new location, as Trump supporters gathered in large numbers to see the president. Most of them were not wearing masks or adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Even so, Trump rattled off the coronavirus, insisting that the United States – which has now recorded more than 190,000 COVID-19 deaths – had cut the corner. He also reiterated that a vaccine will be announced by the end of the year, “and maybe much earlier.”

“We did it in record time – years ahead of schedule,” he said. “If this was Sleepy Joe and Obama, I wouldn’t have had a vaccination for three years.”

Meanwhile, trials of a Coronavirus vaccine have resumed, which the Trump administration hopes will be among the first in the world to eradicate the epidemic in Britain, after it stopped last week due to safety concerns.

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford confirmed today that trials have resumed after the UK Medicines Regulatory Authority recommended that they are safe.

However, the country’s chief infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, has warned that even if a vaccine is developed by the end of the year, it will not be immediately available and may only be 75 percent effective, unlike the measles vaccine, which has been lifted. By 98 percent.

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