Truckers Begin Quick Tests Dover: Unsure If They Will Arrive By Christmas | abroad

Truckers Begin Quick Tests Dover: Unsure If They Will Arrive By Christmas |  abroad

Truck drivers are running out of patience as it remains unclear when they can continue on the continent. France has closed its borders fearing the most contagious British Corona virus.

A group of truck drivers decide to stage a spontaneous protest near the airport as they have to stop thousands. The drivers tried to break through the customers’ collar, Skynews reports.

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England and France have already agreed that anyone without coronavirus can cross the border. The thousands of truck drivers standing at the back of long traffic jams are unlikely to make it to Christmas dinner.

British authorities are now starting to test truck drivers. It will be some time before things will return to normal again in the southeastern province of Kent with its important ties to France. The British Ministry of Transport said: “We continue to urge drivers not to come to Kent until further notice as we do our best to solve the problem of congestion in the ports.” Resolving the queues can take two or three days.

Drivers wishing to go to the mainland must undergo a quick test. If it turns out to be positive, another PCR test may be done. If they also prove they are carrying the Coronavirus, they should go to a hotel.

One person was arrested. According to the BBC, the motorway was blocking in Dover. Why he did this is not clear yet.

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