Troubleshooting The Mall of the Netherlands provides very little information and should be repeated

File naar The Mall of the Netherlands

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LEIDSCHENDAM – The municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg will once again conduct a resident survey among residents who live near the mall to map complaints about traffic inconvenience. Media partner Medfleet reports that Alderman Astrid van Eckelen made the announcement in an interview with Stadszaken. According to the local council member, who is in charge of the economy and traffic, little has been shown from a previous survey to draw conclusions.

A survey was conducted in the spring around the parking lot. Unfortunately, not enough information has emerged, so we will repeat this study in the fall,” says Van Eekelen. “The survey should provide clarity about what exactly lives among the population and the most appropriate solutions for that.”

Previous survey showed that some residents want a blue zone or parking permit system. However, Van Eekelen is not yet convinced that this is a good idea. “These blue zone and year-round parking permits apply, so we have to look closely with residents to see if this outweighs the nuisance prevention.”

Technological solutions

The municipality mainly focuses on a combination of public transport and technological solutions to better regulate traffic flows, such as coordinated monitoring of traffic on the N14 and the creation of a “dynamic green wave”. For this, the different parties have to work together, because N14, for example, is run by Rijkswaterstaat.

The four thousand free parking space in the mall should theoretically suffice. But in practice, it turned out last May and June that visitors to the mall all come on the same day and at the same hours, which means that traffic to the center of Leidschendam has stopped.

“P + R in the tram”

Earlier this week, the Rover Travelers Association appealed with Omroep West for additional parking options at ADO Den Haag Stadium. From there, visitors can travel farther by tram. The municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg has announced that a pilot will soon start at the P+R location, using tram 19. “Once we know more about this, we will share information about this with visitors and residents,” according to the municipality.

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