Triumph at Spa-Francorchamps for Verstappen’s peak season

Triumph at Spa-Francorchamps for Verstappen's peak season

Verstappen enjoys in Belgium: “When I came home in the evening and let him sink in a bit, I realized it was weird and special.” © ANP / ANP


His victory in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps is what world champion Max Verstappen considers the most important event of the season. This was the race he started in 14th place, and thanks to an amazing catch-up race, he was already in the lead after twelve laps. He went on to win 17 seconds before runner-up, teammate Sergio Perez.

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“That was complete domination. A weekend race like this is rare. When I got home in the evening and let it sink in a bit, I realized it was very strange and special,” Verstappen said after the wet Japan Grand Prix, which he won with a major show of strength and where he didn’t Only learns after completion, also won his second world title.

The lowest levels at the start of the season were withdrawals in Bahrain and Australia. “Even if you’ve had a bit of a bad race, you always have to score points. Pulling back is the worst that can happen,” said the 25-year-old Red Bull driver.

One of the low points: the blackout in Australia. © ANP / EPA

Verstappen said that after winning the French Grand Prix, he was already starting to believe in the world title. This was the 12th race of the season, in which a total of 22 races will be held. “The lead was really big. I knew the car was good, so after the race at Paul Rijkaard I was like ‘We shouldn’t give up on this anymore.'”

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The Dutchman also said he was not satisfied. “I still have a few years to go in Formula 1, so I hope we can compete for a few more years. I want to win more races and of course try to win more titles. But I am already very proud of what I have achieved.”

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