Trent Williams and Brandon Ayuk will miss Thursday night’s match due to contact with Kendrick Born

Trent Williams and Brandon Ayuk will miss Thursday night's match due to contact with Kendrick Born

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The 49ers are more like the 29ers this year.

Being hugely short of injury, San Francisco will lose other players based on their connection to positive COVID-19 future Kendrick Bourne.

The 49ers formally placed treatment of Trent Williams and recipient Brandon Ayuk on their COVID-19 / backup list as high-risk close contacts with Bourne. Recipient Depo Samuel, who was already scheduled to miss the match due to injury, will be placed on his COVID-19 backup list based on contact with Born.

Thus, among other things, 49 players will not have the three best receivers, their narrow upper ends, the top back-back, the top midfielders and the left-starting tackle, among others Thursday night against the Packers.

You ask why the game continues? The main focus of the league is on playing matches. Even if it was more “fair” for the 49 players to lift the match up to Monday or Tuesday, the situation could only get worse by then. Beginning with Buccaneers-Raiders from Week Seven, the league is beginning to give a clear priority and preference for playing matches, even if one of the two teams is unfortunately unprepared for it.

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