Trains stopped running in Groningen and Friesland around 6 PM (update)

Spoorwerkers scheppen sneeuw weg op de wissels bij station Winschoten (Foto: Melarno Kraan/ 112 Groningen)

Dutch Railways did not start running trains across the Netherlands on Sunday. For this reason, Harm was one of the few Dutch train travelers this Sunday winter. He took the slow train from Groningen to Windham at 3.30pm, after visiting his father.


“I am happy that the Areva trains are running,” said Harem as he began his journey. We had to wait a while, as I saw the NS trains not running. But Arriva is back again since 10:00 this morning.

Harm had some doubts before he got on the train. I’ve been pondering whether or not I should do it. But when I saw what it looked like outside, I tried it anyway.

“Amazed that no other trains are in operation”

The fact that there were no trains in the Netherlands, except for a few regional railroads, was somewhat of a surprise to Harm. “It surprises me a little bit, because it also reminds me of the winter weather from my youth.” He said in the afternoon:

Harm concludes, “I wonder if the situation here is less bad than in the rest of the country, or if Areva is better off than NS.”

Update: This article was modified when it became apparent that Arriva was halting train traffic.

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