Trailer, game footage, release date, and more

Trailer, game footage, release date, and more

All Elite Wrestling was founded in 2019 and has since become the main competitor to WWE.

AEW is founded by “The Elite”, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and Young Bucks.

As with any prominent wrestling company, a video game is inevitable.

The AEW Console has been revealed

During a talk broadcast, Executive Vice President and former AEW Tag Team Champion, Kenny Omega revealed a new AEW video game.

The game will be released on console, but there was no word on whether that would be the PS5 / Xbox Series X | S or PS4 / Xbox One.

There was also no announcement about the Nintendo Switch port or PC.

Movie trailer

Watch the official AEW Games trailer here!

date of publication

An official release date has not yet been set, and once this section will be updated.

Given that wrestling games are released annually, like other sports, AEW will likely be released sometime in 2021.

Yuk are developing it

Revealed in the event Yuke develops the new AEW game

Yuke is known for developing WWE video games, from WWF Smackdown to WWE 2K19.

AEW Hikaru Shida video game

They split from WWE while developing WWE 2K20, and presumably they entered into a partnership with AEW.

WWE 2K20 ended up releasing a Broken Chaos, with lots of bugs and problems in the game.

The problems were so bad that WWE canceled 2K21 in an effort to allow time to fix the issues.

WWF Developer No Mercy

It was also revealed during the event that former WWF Manager No Mercy “Geta” has joined the team to lead development of the upcoming AEW video game.

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Kenny Omega has stated that he wants it to be as fun as WWF No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling, but it looks like the game will play like a WWE 2K game, rather than the AKI-based No Mercy.

AEW Wrestling Unit Sim Game Jericho Omega

Omega has said in the past that it wants to bring back the AKI engine, but it looks like they’ve gone 2K and Smackdown vs Raw games instead.

WWF No Mercy is still considered one of the best wrestling games of all time, despite its release in 2000.

Combining the fun factor of No Mercy with modern 2K mechanics should result in an amazing wrestling game.

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