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Start the summer vacation in the central region

ANWB Traffic Information expects traffic on the road this weekend due to holiday traffic departures. Schools in the Maiden region closed on Friday, July 8.

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Events and roadworks may cause delays this weekend.
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The first influx of overseas vacationers who are on their way to their holiday destination is also expected. This will be visible on European roads in particular on Saturday 9 July and there is a high risk of traffic jams heading south.
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Germany forecast

There will be a lot of holiday traffic heading south. In addition, road works are being carried out in more than 900 places in our eastern neighbours. That’s a lot ‘Baustellen’ concerns about a summer holiday delay due to narrow lanes and speed limits.

A1 / A7 in Hamburg
A3/A9 Frankfurt – Nuremberg – Munich
A5 Karlsruhe – Basel
A 7 Würzburg – Ulm – Vossen
A 8 Munich – Salzburg
A 93 knp. Antal – Kufstein
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France forecast

The French traffic police warn of a black scenario on the A7, the Autoroute du Soleil. On this more run-down route to the south, a lot of delays are expected on Saturday from early morning to late afternoon.

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In addition, many visitors are expected to Tourist caravan located in the French-Swiss border area. It will start on Saturday in Dole and finish in Lausanne. On Sunday, the road leads from Eagle to Chatel.

A 7 Lyon – Orange
A 10 Paris – Poitiers
A 13 Paris – Rouen
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Austria forecast

In Austria, there is a lot of holiday traffic on the road A 10 / A 11 Salzburg – Villach, the way to Slovenia and Croatia. In addition, this track will receive many F1 fans on their way to the circuit in Spielberg, in the province of Styria over the weekend.

A 2 Vienna – Graz – Klagenfurt
A 10 / A 11 Salzburg – Villach – Ljublana
A 12 / A 13 Kufstein – Innsbruck – Brenner
B179 Vossen – Nasrit
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Switzerland / Italy forecast

Vacationers on their way to Italy must take into account traffic jams on A 2Road through the Gotthard Tunnel. In Italy, there will be an emphasis on A 13 / A 22 Brenner Pass Verona.
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