Traffic chaos on the Amalfi Coast: tourists are welcome every two days from now on

Traffic chaos on the Amalfi Coast: tourists are welcome every two days from now on

The 35-kilometre route between the Italian cities of Positano and Vietri sul Mare – below Naples – is a major tourist attraction. The road offers great views of the sea and leads tourists through the famous cliff-top villages. But due to the many tourists coming here, it is difficult for the residents of the area to move around.

The road has only one lane in each direction and it has narrowed further in a number of places. As a result, road users from opposite directions are forced to give way to each other, and with summer congestion, this causes significant congestion.

“You can’t drive here on weekends,” Angela Infante, Vice Mayor of Vietri Sol Marie, told CNN. “People are locked in their homes.” And most importantly, she says: An ambulance is in a traffic jam.

number plate last digit

So measures are taken. Cars with odd number plates ending in an odd number are only allowed to drive on the road on odd dates. And cars whose license plate ends in an even number, on even dates. So you can’t arrive one day and leave the next.

From now on, the rule applies throughout August and on weekends from June 15 to July 31 and September. So next weekend will be the first time. Anyone who does not comply can expect a fine.

There are no convoys

There are also some additional measures: from now on it is forbidden to use caravans or trailers on the road all year round.

In this way, the local government hopes to reduce road traffic. An exception will only apply to local residents, emergency services, public transport and taxis. And for those who thought they were smart: The new rule also applies to car rentals.

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