Toyota Builds 11,000 HP GR Supra, Leaves All Tuners Behind

Toyota Builds 11,000 HP GR Supra, Leaves All Tuners Behind

Toyota Supra – especially the A80 generation – is very popular among tuners. The Internet is full of videos of 2JZ engines where more than 1000 HP are easily compressed. However, Toyota is now taking significant steps forward.

Although the new Supra, produced by BMW, is less suited to this kind of extreme power, the Japanese are building 11,000 variable horsepower for the NHRA Funny Car Championships, a drag racing championship in the United States.

The Toyota Supra does not have four or six cylinders

On board, you won’t find a regular four- or six-cylinder engine, but an 8.2-liter V8 with a supercharger. This giant engine block sends its power only to the rear wheels. With the powertrain, the Toyota Supra can hit 330 mph (about 531 kph) in less than four seconds.

Toyota Supra, dragress
(Photo: Toyota)

Is it still a Toyota Supra? No, whatever the Supra aims for, you won’t find in this extreme drag version. However, Toyota tried to make the car look somewhat like a production model with the front and decals.

To make the drag rider as light as possible, the body is made entirely of carbon fibre. The roofline of the sports coupe can be seen in this body. Toyota Motor North America Group Director himself says of the design: “Our team at TRD (Toyota Racing Development) and the design team at Calty (Toyota Design Studio) have worked hard to combine many features from the production GR Supra into a funny car driven by GR Todd and Alexis DeJoria. in 2022.”

Drag racing in the Netherlands

In America drag racing can actually be called a national sport, from motorcycles to hot rods, everything runs fast. However, there is also a fact daredevils Who are not afraid of speed. Autovisie spoke with Willie Ryrink, a drag racing fan at heart and soul. Unfortunately, he also jeopardized the sport from the driver’s seat. Hear his story below.

Toyota is waiting longer with the GR86 because it doesn’t want the Supra sights

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