Tourist falls into Italian crater after selfie fails

Tourist falls into Italian crater after selfie fails

At the top of the 1,281-meter volcano Vesuvius, the 23-year-old American tourist dropped his phone into the crater on Saturday.

According to local media, it happened after the man took a selfie over the volcano. When the tourist tried to retrieve his phone, he lost his balance and fell into the hole by himself.

rescue helicopter

Local mountain guides were the first to arrive on the scene to rescue the man from the crater. Police were called and a rescue helicopter left for the volcano to provide assistance.

The boy was lifted from the pit with scrapes and bruises on his arms and back. The police also fined the man – and his three family members. The group was not allowed to enter the volcano without an entrance ticket and was also off the beaten track.

dangerous volcanoes

Five years ago, an 11-year-old boy and his parents died at the Solfata di Pozzuoli volcano, about 40 kilometers from Mount Vesuvius. The boy fell into the pit and his parents tried to save him, but at that moment the pit collapsed.

Vesuvius is the volcano that erupted in AD 79, covering the Roman city of Pompeii under a layer of rubble.

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