tour | Half a mountain stage? Everything you need to know about Stage 9: Aigle-Châtel

tour |  Half a mountain stage?  Everything you need to know about Stage 9: Aigle-Châtel

a path

The contestants didn’t have many chances in week one, but week two also starts with a series of very challenging stages. The Alps stalk.

The 183 kilometers from Aigle to Châtel Les Portes du Soleil, a well-known winter sports area on the borders of France and Switzerland, has been compared to what the appetizers are to come. However, you can never put up with a bad day as a rating rider.

The opening stage is relatively quiet and will be dominated by the early formation of the trek, as many of the good climbers who lost a lot of time in the first week will switch shoulders and focus on winning a stage.

About ninety kilometers later, Col des Mosses (13 kilometers at 4.2 percent) and Col de la Croix (8.5 kilometers at 7.2 percent) follow, respectively. It is not tempting to try anything there, because at the top of the last climb there are still sixty kilometers with a long slope and a flat part of the valley.

The conclusion takes place on the 16.6 kilometer Morgan Pass with a rate of 5.7 percent. Then a short descent and a four-kilometer jump at 4.6 percent to the finish. It’s not the hardest climb, but a bad day can be disastrous.

Profile personly

Photo: ASO

Glimpse of the final

Photo: ASO

time and tv

You follow the tour on Eurosport, Sporza or NOS. It is expected to finish today at 5:28 PM on the fastest schedule. According to the slowest schedule, the riders will be at 6:02 p.m.

cycling history

“At the UCI they do what the ASO wants. UCI President David LaPartient is a puppet of the ASO,” AD analyst Thijs Zonneveld told Wieler Revue in 2019. The Frenchman is on one stomach with the great tour organization.

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The starting place for Stage 9 cannot be looked at separately from that, as the UCI is headquartered in Eagle, Switzerland. UCI has been headquartered in Aigle since 2002, but UCI has its roots in Paris.

On April 14, 1900, the International Cycling Union was founded by representatives of the national cycling federations of Belgium, France, Italy, the United States and Switzerland.

2005 The late Hein Verbruggen was President of the UCI. De Brabander was also previously asked to succeed Felix Levitan as race director at the Tour de France, but he declined. Verbruggen thought the Frenchman should eventually be in charge of the Tour de France.

At the UCI, Verbruggen provided, among other things, the UCI Pro Tour (the current World Tour) and made sure that professionals were allowed to take part in the Olympics, but above all remains the driver who drove the UCI through a doping-tainted period.

The controversy at the time did not pass by Verbruggen, because Lance Armstrong had repeatedly said that the Dutchman was aware of doping but helped him cover it up. Verbruggen, who died in 2017, has long denied this.

silly things

After fifteen kilometers, the riders will pass through Montreux. Not worth mentioning per se, were it not for the fact that the Swiss city is loved by celebrities. David Bowie and Deep Purple recorded albums there, while Freddie Mercury rented a penthouse apartment in the Swiss city.

He once said, “If you want peace of mind, come to Montreux.” In addition to being Queen’s lead singer, stars such as Ernest Hemmingway, Coco Chanel, and Charlie Chaplin lived in Montreux at one time. In the city you can still find plenty of things that mention Quinn and Freddie Mercury in particular.

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For example, there is a three-meter-high statue of the singer by the water and you can also visit the Queen: The Studio Experience in Montreux. This is a museum that was once a recording studio. Queen: The Studio Experience was opened in 2013 by guitarist Brian May.

A highlight of the museum is the last lines that Mercury wrote when he was already in a critical condition. One of the last times I stayed in Montreux. The songs recorded in Montreux are: The Show must Go On, Under Pressure and Yes, Bicycle Race.

This last song comes full circle, because Mercury wrote that song after the Tour de France passed at his hotel in Montreux. Jerry Knitman won the relevant 18th stage from Morzine to Lausanne.

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