Top 5 (& 5 worst) dogs in video games

Top 5 (& 5 worst) dogs in video games

Dogs are the most loyal pets, and a man’s best friend has a long history in video games, either in a good way or in a bad way.

There are a lot of animals that people keep as pets, but nothing comes close to the popularity of dogs. A man’s best friend plays a huge role in many people’s lives, and it makes sense that dogs play a prominent role in video games too.

Some games like The Last of Us Part 2Dogs are enemies, but dogs are loyal companions and allies. Games like Myth 2 He made dogs a central part of gameplay and story, and in recent years, the Twitter account “Can You Pet the Dog” has grown in popularity.

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Although there are plenty of examples, some games have more memorable mutations than others. Here are five of the best and five of the worst dogs in video games.

The best – the answer from the Tales of Vesperia

Tales of the dog Vesperia Repede

Repede is as loyal as it can be found, the second member players enter Tales of Vesperia After the main character, Yuri. Ripidi has been by Yuri’s side since he was a puppy, and since Yuri has been a trained knight. He’s easily one of the best party members in the entire game with his focus on attacks and fast combos, and he’s literally present every step of the way. As if holding the knife in his mouth to fight wasn’t cool enough, Ripiddy has a tube to hold when he’s not fighting. Now that’s a cool dog.

Worst – Duck Hunt Dog

Who can forget the terrible laughter of Hunt ducks A dog because he harasses players for every little mistake. Certainly, the Hunt ducks The dog was replaced a little by inserting it in Super Smash Bros.But even there he still had that weird smile on his face. Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, however Hunt ducks The dog is the opposite.

The best – Koromaru from Persona 3

Persona 3 is a dog

Koromaru is the most loyal dog anyone can find, as players find him protecting the shrine of his dead master. The dog succeeds in killing the shadow invading the shrine, after which it joins the SEES team. There is virtually no other dog in existence that can summon a Person, Which makes Koromaru cooler than almost everyone. He’s a valuable party member, a good friend, and cute as a button to boot.

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Worst – Miku from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim Dog Meeko

The Meeko is not a bad dog per se, it is actually a very good dog overall, but the problem is how it stands consistently in the player’s path. If the players choose to have Miku accompany them Skyrim, Inevitably killed by enemies or stumbled into traps that the player attempts to sneak around. As a companion, it causes more trouble than it’s worth, so you’d better get Meeko to hang around your house.

Best – KK Slider from Animal Crossing

KK Slider Animal crosses new heights

KK Slider is by far the coolest dog in existence, and he always has fun when he gets to the player’s town. This quiet dog does nothing but play tunes and vocals, and he’s a talented musician at that. KK Slider is easily a face Animal crossing The excellence, and its cool personality helps to further enhance the relaxed feel of the games.

The worst – zombie dogs from Resident Evil

No fan will ever forget the moment in the beginning vampire When dogs broke into windows. It’s totally terrifying and an indication of how dogs are doing the rest of the series. Zombie dogs are some of the worst enemies in the series due to how fast they can be. Sure, they can only take one or two bullets, but that’s if players can hit them in the first place.

Best – Rocket from Stealth Trick: Ghost Detective

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective Dog

Rocket is the first character who can speak to Sissel, the protagonist Stealth trick, He is a silly cute Pomeranian. Aside from Missile’s role in the game, what makes him so cool is that the character is actually based on director Shu Takemi’s real dog, also called Missile. He is one of the most gratifying representations of the owner’s love for his dog in a video game.

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The worst – Cerberus from the God of War

Cerberus is a typical canine foe in a video game, although he’s more violent than usual due to being in it God of War. However, there is one specific thing that makes this enemy worse than others, and that is the fact that it literally pukes small copies of it. Seeing Cerberus vomiting three other youngsters is totally disgusting, not to mention it gives Kratos more headaches to deal with.

The Best – Far Cry 5’s Boomer

Far Cry 5 Boomer The Dog

Boomer is basically the opposite of Meeko Skyrim, A super strong dog friend he can really keep. Boomer is a wonderful mutt who can be recruited early on Far Cry 5, And comes with a set of valuable skills, such as the ability to disarm enemies. He is a great explorer who can help players in facing the enemies and if all that weren’t enough, he scares the bears. Yes, the dog that scares bears.

Worst – the dog from Paperboy

Corridor title 1984 Paper boy It is considered an unknown gem these days, but it still holds its place in the annals of the game’s history. Any player dived into it Paper boy, Whether in hallways or on home consoles, stupid dog will undoubtedly be remembered. Only when players begin to recognize things will the dog quickly put a stop to it. Sure, it only follows his canine instincts, but the relentless dog bites and knocks the poor Paper boy This just tries to do its job.

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