Top 10 Movies to Stream on Disney Plus for Christmas

Top 10 Movies to Stream on Disney Plus for Christmas

Watch Iron Man 3 for Christmas. Yes really.


For these warm and festive Christmas movies, head over to – you guessed it – Disney Plus. It’s where the Muppets, Santa Claus and pre-Christmas nightmares gather around the fireplace to drink eggnog and entertain.

Let’s collect the best Christmas movies that Disney Plus has to offer.

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Anna Kendrick in the Christmas movie. If that wasn’t enough, Bill Hader plays the anxious brother in front of her bright and radiant Noel, Santa’s daughter and brings the Christmas spirit to everyone. When Santa dies, it is time for Nick Kringel to take over Santa’s mantle. Instead, he takes off on a reindeer. It’s up to Noel to bring her brother back to the North Pole in time for the big day. Kendrick directs all of the charming fishing trails out of the water as she sails the world south of the pole.

Iron Man 3


We start with Iron Man 3. Yeah, really. This is a Christmas movie, because Marvel published an 1,800-word article telling you that it’s a Christmas movie. “It’s hard to argue about where the vacation is, to give gifts, to repent of past mistakes, and Tony’s desire to be better – not just for himself but those around him as well.” The movie is also about the Iron Man facing a national terror campaign in the United States. happy vacation!

Frozen 1 and 2

Only ignore this option if you are a parent still experiencing withdrawals from the endless repetitions of the following:

Do you want to build a snowman?
Come on, let’s go and play!
I don’t see you anymore
Exit the door
It feels like you are gone

If that doesn’t destroy you, enjoy Frozen 1 and 2.

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)


Let’s take the old fashioned with the purest Christmas movies, which means we totally avoid the Arnold Schwarzenegger “comedies” in the 1990s. Miracle on 34th Street revolves around a Santa Claus department store that claims to be the real Santa. Lines like – “Oh, Christmas is not just a day. It’s a frame of mind” – will put you in a magical Christmas zombie for a lovely 96 minutes.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe


What better way to spend Christmas than watching the Chronicles of Faithful Narnia Source: The Lion and the Witch and the strange attraction of Mr. Tomnius by James McAvoy. (McAvoy took this phenomenon on SNL, in case you missed it.) The only downside to an adventure around four British children who find a wardrobe leading to a snowy fantasy world – aren’t there any more entertaining special effects before and after the photos.

While you were sleeping


The happy-looking Sandra Bullock rom-com movie from the 1990s was awarded three out of four stars by legendary film critic Roger Ebert. What do you really want to know? (In case you want to know more: While you are sleeping, it is about a woman who saves a man’s life on Christmas Day, then falls in love with his brother while he is in a coma. The complications are witchcraft.)

Home Alone


Snoop Dog once honored Home Alone in a music video that includes lyrics like, “Rollin ‘down the street smokin’ indo / Sippin ‘on gin and juice / Relax (as I think over my money and my money).” Don’t watch it, watch the cute Kevin McCallister (the cute Macaulay Culkin) defend his home from thieves on Christmas.

Nightmare before Christmas


Some of you may want to witness the dark fantasy of Christmas (greetings). Jack Skellington, King of Halloween Town, stumbles across the “Christmas Town” portal. There is more creativity in this premise alone than in the entirety of, say, ABC’s Crossover Special Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July. (Nobody knows why it took place in July.)

Santa Clause


Another Christmas movie that features a ridiculously adorable kid. Her useful hypothesis: A man accidentally kills Santa and must take his place. Sounds like a horror movie, but Santa Claus is about the joy of the holiday and features jokes for adults and children. Only curmudos will find Tim Allen in a terrifying chubby suit.

Christmas carol doll


If you have to revive Charles Dickens’ Christmas carol then do so with dolls and Michael Kane.

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