Tomorrow 30 degrees and then cool and stay dry

Tomorrow 30 degrees and then cool and stay dry

First about the day. “The weather is nice today,” says Mark de Jong, a meteorologist at Poinradar. It will remain dry and sunny for the rest of the day.

33 degrees

“It’s going to be nice summer weather tomorrow, but it’s going to be very hot,” says de Jong. In the south of our country the temperature can reach 33 degrees, and in the Wadden Islands the temperature will remain around 23 degrees. “It’s going to be a very warm day tomorrow.”

Check the temperature in your place now:

The sun will also shine profusely tomorrow: the sun is expected to be 7. This means that you can burn in fifteen minutes. So lubricate well.

Because of the warm weather, Rijkswaterstaat is setting up a heat protocol. Motorists with breakdowns along the road will then be helped more quickly. Rijkswaterstaat wants to prevent people from standing still for too long in the heat. Asphalt can get warmer due to higher temperatures.

Travelers traveling on the road are advised to take a water bottle with them, and using an umbrella against the bright sun is not an unnecessary luxury.

Chance to get booty

It will be slightly cooler on Thursday, with temperatures ranging from 22 degrees in the northwest to 31 degrees in Limburg. The meteorologist predicts that “cooling will come at night from Thursday to Friday. There may also be a shower with a bit of a thunderstorm, but it won’t be much.”

On Fridays and on weekends it is also a little cooler, with a temperature of about 22°C. “But the cold didn’t last long. Within the next week it could become tropical warm again.”

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lack of sedimentation

De Jong says that although less showers are expected at night from Thursday to Friday, it is very dry in the Netherlands. “The rainfall deficit will only increase in the coming period.” This has dire consequences.

For example, the water level of the Rhine near Lobeth is very low. It is expected to decline to a level seen only twice in the past 100 years by mid-August. “The water level could drop even more, because it’s likely to still be dry and warm afterwards,” De Jong explains.

Rijkswaterstaat warns that an extremely low water level has serious consequences for the water supply in the Netherlands. Shipping faces a lot of hurdles because less cargo can be transported and because of the long waiting times at many locks.

The main rivers are very low because the insufficient water supply is from Germany and Switzerland.

dams ruptured

Due to drought, peat dams are also at risk of rupture or collapse if they dry out further. Peat is a type of moist soil that contains a lot of water. If this water disappears, the peat shrinks and the land recedes a little. If the peat is inside or below the dam, this dam also collapses a little, which has consequences for stability. Cracks can form in the dam. So waterboards keep a close eye on peat dams.

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