Tom Begins Forum Sport will be replaced by Rainfogels in the league

Tom Begins Forum Sport will be replaced by Rainfogels in the league

Voorburg – The first football transfer season 2021-2022 in the Leidschendam-Voorburg football region is a reality. Voorburg midfielder Tom Bigen (22) exchanges sports forum For Saturdays the main section FC Rijnvogels from Katwijk.

By Alexander Wagner

Along with his twin brother Quinn, Tom Biggin started playing soccer at the Youth Sports Forum. “After 3 years in F-youth, we got Kees Konings as a coach in E-youth. He was a striker in the first team. We thought that was really cool.” Voorburger Marco van Lochem, longest-serving youth education head in professional football with a past at DEVJO (merged with SV Voorburg at Forum Sport in 1998) brought Koen and Tom with permission from their parents to Excelsior in Rotterdam. “We played football there for 3 years with, among others, Danilo Dwege, now Vitis, and goalkeeper Ramon Ten Hove, who is now the third goalkeeper in Feyenoord. We shared a car with Sem Wotte, also from Voorburg, and goalkeeper Petter van Pruijssen from Leidschendam. Peter was a class between us but he participated in the tournaments with us. The Bijen and Van Pruijssen families are still in touch. “

After their time at Excelsior, Koen started playing hockey in HDM and Tom played soccer again in Forum Sport. “Like me, Quinn was a dynamic midfielder with a lot of passes and goals to his name, but he liked playing hockey more. Via Klein Zweitzerland, he now plays with many national champions Den Bosch in the Major League and in the Netherlands Juniors. I felt more at home on the Sports Forum. “. Tom was a slow player in the best youth teams. “I played in C1 for two years. In B and A youth I started for the first time in B2 and A2. At A1 in Pierre Schultz, I reached full prosperity and developed quickly. It gave me the confidence that I miss and sometimes I actually participated in the second big team.” With the adults, Begin started in the second team. He made his debut in the first team under coach Bass Stephens. “I played everything under current coach Denis Den Turk.” Last season, Bijen really handled switching to RKAVV on Sunday. “It was a little more. Jonas Bloemen is a friend of mine and a captain there, Petter van Pruijssen plays there and his father Rob is the team manager. I had my doubts, but I thought it was too early to leave.”

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FC Rijnvogels called him in December. “Immediately after the New Year, I spoke with Technical Committee member Hugh Hook and coach Thomas Dauphvenford. He saw me playing against Die Haghe last season and against SV Honselersdijk this season. That shows a lot of confidence. Their vision, ambition, style of play and work were the deciding factors.”

He needs the current number 10 Romano van der Stoeb, who will go to Barendrecht and in F-Youth from ADO The Hague with Nychel l’Ami (Forum Sport) and Orange International from Voorburg Nathan Aké (Manchester City) football will make you forget. “I know what I can do, what is expected of me and that of course I have to deal with the competition there.” Staying with Forum Sport was definitely an option. “We only played 4 games, but the technical affairs of the board members André Sorwalt, Denis Den Turck and now assistant coach Marcel to my uncle know my ambitions. Their reactions have been very positive. My ambitions extend beyond the league. In the end I want to go to the second division. Then I am.” Close to the fire in Pollenstrek. “

His focus remains on the sports forum. In a short time, Bijen featured assists against RKAVV (1) and Argon (3) and goals against WV Kranenburg (2), SV Honselersdijk (2) and ZOB (1; win!). Denise Den Turk agrees with Begin. “Tom is a nice and calm guy, he has an excellent ability to run and score, he throws his heart and soul into every match and is motivated to get the most out of himself. The will and talent are there to play in the first team there. Everything goes a little faster there, but Tommy adapts quickly. Birds. The Rhine is definitely not its ceiling. I have complete confidence in its development and its qualities. “

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It remains to be seen if the competition will end, but Beijing knows where his future lies.

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