Today’s Max World Cup: “The best Dutchman to play for the USA”

Today's Max World Cup: "The best Dutchman to play for the USA"

The Dutch national team returned to the World Cup finals after 8 years, under unusual circumstances. The controversial tournament in Qatar is not held in the summer, but rather in November and December. Football fans Robert and Heine discuss the situation around Orange here. In this episode: A look back on the 2-0 win over Qatar and a preview of the next match against the USA.

Robert: “A business victory. Deadly boring game. On to the next round. We’re on time.”

little: “One unnecessary yellow card for Aké, but otherwise the players were able to save energy. A no-frills victory, points in the bag, to the USA.”

Robert: “But guys, I didn’t know that football could be so boring. If there was a trophy for hard and sterile play, the Orange would have won it. The Dutch in 2010 or 2014 would have won 4-0 at least. But oh well, they did.” We’ve made it to the last 16. Did you see any bright spots besides Gakpo and Frenkie, Hein?”

little: “I had a regular office day, so I didn’t watch the whole match. It was 1-0 when I was waiting for the train, 2-0 when I just got home. And after that not much happened that could satisfy me. It’s a shame for Burgess. If he wants To score again in the World Cup…

Robert: “His ball at the cross – and especially his sound – I secretly liked better than his denied goal of smooth lined play. Bergès finally brought some football into the team. Too bad the exchange policy was so bad. The Koopmeiners were no shadow of the good player he once was at AZ against Ecuador. Why not give this chance to Xavi Simmons a ‘key ring?’ He can fill the role of Memphis from 2014 in this World Cup. But I’m still hopeful, though. After watching the USA-Iran match, which produced our next opponent. How do you see that, Hein?”

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little: “I saw an unwavering, unwavering team with some great players. Not that I want to be a prophet of doom, but I still have to think about the Czech Republic at the previous European Championship.”

Robert: “The best Dutch player ever played for the United States. I’m talking about Dest, who sent in a fantastic cross for Pulisic to score the winning goal (1-0). The parallels with the early exit from the European Championship are really striking. Only the Oranje played better after that under the captaincy De Boer is in more group matches than now. And that’s saying something. The level really needs to go up a few notches to beat those Americans on Saturday.”

little: “If I can risk a prediction, it’s a hard-fought 2-1 against an already battle-weary Americans. Individual qualities should make the difference, with extra consideration for Memphis Depay.”

Robert: “Well-spoken, Heine! Let’s end on a positive note. After all, it can only get better. There are new chances against the USA. As a country, they are also more interested in the next World Cup that they are involved in organizing. They especially want to build a good team for 4 years From now on, while we have to deal with the here and now. I’m going to win 2-0 for Orange. I’m already secretly looking for another round. Then Argentina could be the next opponent after a lot of reservations. For the time being, we’re safe. And Messi can’t say so after.

little: “Right. And then we can finally get really started.”

(Photo: Quinn Van Wiel/ANP)

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