To discover: Priya Raju, a Swiss Tamil artist sings along on the new Jungle record – MUSIC

To discover: Priya Raju, a Swiss Tamil artist sings along on the new Jungle record - MUSIC

Not so long ago she worked as a buyer of aircraft parts in Switzerland, and now her music is causing a stir in New York. Meet Priya Raju.

age 35

Until recently, Priya Raghu was buying aircraft spare parts, a job that provided her with security and comfort, but it didn’t make her heart beat faster. Although the Swiss Tamil has been playing the violin since the age of seven and began performing with her father’s band at birthday parties and weddings when she was 10, a music career seemed out of reach for a long time. Partly because her strict Tamil parents disapproved, and partly because Switzerland doesn’t excel in musical exports. Eventually, Raju decided to take a chance, quit her comfortable job and moved to New York with her savings to work on music for six months. She never regretted this decision for a moment. Last year, she released her first single, Good Love 2.0, which immediately scored a place on the FIFA 21 soundtrack, was remixed by Honey Dijon, Joe Goddard, and Little Dragon and brought in about two dozen record labels. They call it quick start. Since then, she signed a contract with Warner, was nominated by The Guardian and NME as one of the artists of the moment and Jungle invited her to sing on their new record. Her debut music tape, Damnshestamil, will be released this week, combining Western and South Asian influences and creating a unique feel-good blend of R&B, hip-hop, experimental electro-pop and Tamilfolk, which she describes as ‘raguwavy’. Random Quote “Whatever I do, be it musical or visual, I always try to engage my originality. My blending of my two worlds always makes something special. It’s fun to express my creativity in this way.

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