Tjerk hopes for a lot of mail

Tjerk hopes for a lot of mail

Miliskirky – It started December 16 very nicely, but ended in the ambulance. Since his accident, Meliskerke’s Tjerk Bekink has been forced to rest in bed, which is no easy task for an adventurous boy like him. Mail is a welcome distraction.

After a lovely long day working for a soil moving company, 18-year-old Tjirk Bikinke went to Westkapil with his friend Hendrik. There he drove friends over the dam on Hendrik’s bike. “My friend saw the big rocks very late in the dark,” says Tjirk. “We sped off and hit the ground. My helmet flew off my head and it was too far away.”

Collapsed lung

Passers-by called emergency services and the boys were helped to get on their feet. “Hendrik had more cuts and bruises than I had, so it looked worse. But when I was in the ambulance I caught a cold and passed out.” In the hospital it turned out that Tugrak not only broke his wrist and bruised the ribs. He was also found to be suffering from a collapsed lung and bleeding in one of his kidneys. For the kidney to recover properly, your neighbor must rest on bed rest. “I’ve been in bed for five weeks now and that sounds like a very long time, but I haven’t reached it yet. Bed rest will continue until the end of the month.” It hardly receives visitors and the days are long.

Crane operator

Tjerk misses his training period as he can move soil and sand with shovels and cranes. “I would like to be a crane operator, because I think earthmoving machines are beautiful.” His eyes flash when he talks about his training period. Now he reads magazines about tractors and machines, but prefers to work with machines himself. “December 16 was a really great day and I didn’t expect it to end completely differently.” On Christmas you were flirting with you in the hospital, which is strange and uncomfortable for the whole family.

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Tjerk was allowed to go home on the Monday between Christmas and New Year. A bed was placed in the living room, where it could be seen. “I look forward to seeing the postman, because she always waves when she walks past her and I hope she brings mail.” A social media call has been made to submit the tickets. You have already received about a hundred cards. This is very nice. There was even one from Switzerland. ”The more the better, the better in the case of cards.“ It is good to read a message, even if you don’t know the sender. ”

Bode readers who want to spice up Tjerk’s day with a card can send mail to: Tjerk Bekink, Brouwpit 8, 4365 BK in Meliskerke.

Contribution of Marilia Tin Bridge

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