Tips to clean up “junk files” and make your phone run more smoothly!

Tips to clean up "junk files" and make your phone run more smoothly!

It is certain that many young people in the process of using the phone always have a slow, sluggish or jerky device. To fix this, try the 10 methods below to increase the performance of your device, which are applicable to both Android and iPhone.

1. Reboot your device

Although it may seem trivial, this is one of the simplest and most effective ways to “revive” a slow frozen device. When restarting, not only all system processes are restarted, but many temporary files are also deleted, which takes up space and slows down the smartphone.

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To restart, you usually just have to press and hold the power button until a menu appears, then select the appropriate item. If it does not work, you can just turn off the extension and turn it on – the effect will be the same.

2. Install available updates

With each firmware update, manufacturers fix bugs and improve smartphone performance. Therefore, you should always install the latest software versions available. The only exceptions are very old devices which, due to poor packing hardware, may start slower on newer firmware.

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On iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> System Update to check. On an Android smartphone: Settings → System → System update. Wait for the process of checking for available updates to finish and install them by clicking on the corresponding button.

3. Clear cache

Another way to clear temporary files and junk files is to clear the system cache. Since there is no separate functionality for this in iOS, it happens while the device is restarting. But on Android, you can do the cleaning by opening Settings → Storage, then selecting Internal storage and clicking the Free up space button.

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It is better not to use third-party cleaners and enhancers: they do more harm than good. The only recommendation for Android is the official Google Files app. In the Clean tab, you can use it to delete temporary files that have accumulated and are taking up disk space and can slow down your smartphone.

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4. Uninstall unnecessary apps and their data

The lack of free space on the internal memory slows down access to files and as a result reduces the performance of the device. Full memory is not recommended – at least 10%, or better yet, 20 to 25%.

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Over time, applications collect data and can take up a lot of space. To delete it, go to Settings -> Storage -> More apps in Android or Settings -> General -> Storage on iOS. Next, scroll through the programs that take up more space and click on “Erase data”. If the app does not have a cleanup option, you will have to uninstall and reinstall it.

In addition, to free up space, you can remove unused programs, including pre-installed ones.

5. Install compressed versions of apps

If the problem of saving disk space is very serious, a reasonable solution would be to get rid of the usual browsers, instant messengers and social media applications and install the lightweight versions, which are called the light version. You can find it on Google Play and App Store by adding lite to the app name.

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They have an ascetic interface and sometimes a more modest set of functions. But it takes up much less space and runs faster than ever.

6. Move apps and data to your storage card

The internal memory has a higher write speed, so all applications are installed in it by default. It is really better to keep important and frequently used programs on the built-in memory, while all remaining programs can be moved to the SD card to save space.

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To do this, go to “Settings” → “Applications”, open the desired program and use the “Transfer” button. Unfortunately, not all smartphones offer this functionality, read more about it in a separate article.

Since iPhone does not support memory cards, the above method is only applicable to Android devices.

7. Remove unnecessary content

If the smartphone memory remains full after performing all the above steps, you will have to review photos, videos, music and other multimedia content. All unnecessary things can be deleted instantly and valuable files can be uploaded to a cloud storage or copied to a computer.

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8. Reduce the number of widgets

Like other add-ons, gadgets can overload and slow down the system. This is especially noticeable on cheap and old devices. There is only one way out: remove all the items that are not of special importance and leave only the essential ones.

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To delete, simply place your finger on the widget and drag it to the cross that appears, or click on the minus icon.

9. Turn off interface animations and other effects

Moving the switch between desktops and displaying other interface effects loads the processor so much that older or not faster smartphones can slow down significantly because of it. By disabling these options, you can improve performance.

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On the iPhone, go to Settings → Accessibility, then in the Display and Text Size section, turn on the Reduce transparency toggle, and in the Motion section, activate Reduce Motion.

On Android devices, you have to enable developer mode first. Then in the “Settings” → “System” → “For Developers” menu, find the “Display” section and set the “No animations” parameter in it for the “Window animations”, “Transition animations” and “Duration animations” options.

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10. Perform a factory reset

A more thorough and effective cleaning method can be used as a last resort. When resetting, the smartphone will be returned to the factory settings, its contents and all accumulated remains will be deleted.

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Please note that all content, including photos, videos and other files, will be deleted. So, don’t forget to transfer any important data or create a backup. To reset iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase Content and Settings and confirm the action. On Android, go to Settings → System → Factory data reset, then select Erase all data and tap the Reset phone settings button to confirm.

After implementing the above 10 standard methods, I am sure that your smartphone will work stronger and faster. good luck!

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