Timir Burnett misses the 200m final: ‘My body said no’ | sports

Timir Burnett misses the 200m final: 'My body said no' |  sports

Reaching the final was an almost impossible task for the Dutch player. In the series, he ran for the 23rd time and in the field of top runners from the United States and Canada, among others, Burnett was covered in snow. The series ran the best season with a time of 20.60. Did not reach the final.

“My body said no tonight. I was having a little cramp here and there and couldn’t keep my speed on the straight,” Burnett said after his race. „I was back in lane 2. When I heard that before the race, I was so pissed off. I don’t like those The tight corner, then I have to work hard.”

However, Burnett was completely satisfied. “I haven’t had a big crowd this season with injuries and crashes in training. I’ve had a knee injury as a result and have been in a lot of fitness in the last two weeks. Despite that, I still qualify for the Olympic semi-finals. Now I’m going to prepare to continue. Then I can still take revenge.”

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