Tim van Reethoven leaves Wimbledon with €220,000 in his pocket | sports

Tim van Reethoven leaves Wimbledon with €220,000 in his pocket |  sports

Tim van Reethoven earned as much prize money at Wimbledon as he had earned in his entire career before leaving for London. The number 104 remained in the world with 190 thousand pounds, converted by more than 220 thousand euros, from the Grand Slam tournament. He lost in the fourth round in four sets to Novak Djokovic

The 25-year-old, who has admitted a wild card, has raised a total of around €290,000 in recent years – up to Wimbledon. However, this also includes earnings in doubles. Last month, the third seed in the Netherlands earned €98,580 with his Rosmalen title.

There are no points for the world ranking at this year’s Wimbledon. This decision was made by the tennis federations ATP and WTA in response to Wimbledon’s decision to ban Russian and Belarusian tennis players.

If points are awarded at Wimbledon, Van Reethoven will likely be out of the top 70 after the tournament. Van Rijthoven is currently ranked among the world’s top 100 companies. It ranks 99th.

Now to Newport

Van Reethoven will extend the turf season in Newport, USA. It is assumed that the world number 104 will be added to the main schedule of the tournament in the United States, which begins more than a week later. He is currently the first reserve.

In 2000, Peter Wessels caused a stir by winning the Newport ATP Championship. This was the only title for the previous number 72 in the world.

For Van Reethoven, qualification for the US Open is at stake in the coming weeks. Because Tim has come so far at Wimbledon, he won’t be able to collect the points next week, while his rivals can. “This is why the coming weeks are important in the United States,” said Luca Cosi, Van Reethoven’s manager. The US Open kicks off on August 29th.

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Tim van Reethoven. © AFP

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