Tim Swain hands over Bloemendaal in the last minute with 20 t …

Tim Swain hands over Bloemendaal in the last minute with 20 t ...

What happened on the field at KZ was especially important to test the intensity of the game and maintain the game’s rhythm by playoff standards. The mode outside the lines was cool, too. Because the list of injured in Blomendal was impressive after last week’s game against Amsterdam. Among those on the list were Flores Wortlebourg, Roel Povendert, Dan Dolmeyer, Casper Van Dyck, Florian Fox, Water Jolly, and Arthur Van Doren.

Against KZ, the Fuchs only appeared in match uniforms from this group, while the other physically challenged players kept their civilian clothes. Dan Dolmeyer had a concussion during EHL, coach Rick Mathesen said.

“I cannot imagine that he will play this season. How will the other five injured people be in a week. I honestly do not know. But in light of the playoff matches and the Olympic year for a small number of players, we do not take any risks.”

Due to the absence of a large group of core players, along with the policy followed in Bloemendaal, the path to selection for talented youngsters has been paved in recent weeks. Stijn Hemmes, Hidde Wunderink and Lars Leistra have already achieved the necessary gaming minutes in recent weeks.

The trio also played against KZ, who brutally advanced 2-0 after 11 minutes. Before the first half ended, Bloemendaal regained the balance via a field goal from Casper van der Veen and the use of a penalty kick from Tim Swaen.

After tea, both teams went to look for more, with Bloemendaal dominating especially in the fourth quarter. Mathieson: “I once saw a boy look at each other with a look like: We’re going to win here, eh.” After Florian Fox and Martin Van Grimbergen squandered so many chances, it was Tim Swain who ultimately secured the victory for his team. The penalty kick used in the final seconds, Swain’s 20th goal this season, brought the final score of 2-3 on the scoreboard.

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