Tilted to Switzerland and Turkey: Who can take on the Netherlands in a collective win?

Tilted to Switzerland and Turkey: Who can take on the Netherlands in a collective win?

No matter how chaotic the tournament run-up was: if all goes according to plan, the Orange are already certain to win the group after their second game of the group. If North Macedonia does not beat Ukraine and if the Netherlands beat Austria, then their group mates can no longer follow the Oranges. In this case, he will meet one of the three numbers in the next round. Who can face Orange in the knockout stage? VoetbalPrimeur Outlines the scenarios.

Determining the three numbers associated with any winning combination is a matter of probability. Out of the six figures of three, the four countries with the best score pass, resulting in fifteen scenarios: ABCD, ABCE, ABCF, ABDE, etc. If the numbers three die from group E and F, then Orange’s opponent will be from group D. What is certain anyway is that the Orange team will meet a team from the right half of the table if it actually becomes first in their group. According to five of the fifteen scenarios, 1C encounters 3D and there are also five scenarios that allow matching between 1C and 3E and between 1C and 3F.

It is not yet possible to say – cliché, cliché – what the eighth finals will look like on the seventh day of the European Championship. The Netherlands can reach Germany, Portugal or Croatia, as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Sweden. At the time of writing, Group A was the only group in which all participants had actually played twice. But – not a bold prediction either – things can still go either way in this group. Italy is already certain of its first and second place, but it could still outperform current Wales on goal difference and goal-free Turkey not without a chance in the race for the eighth finals.

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If we zoom in on this group: based on the previous European Championship, things are already looking good for Wales, who already has four points in his bag. Switzerland can also hit that number if it beats Turkey and it seems safe in that case too. Slovakia and Ireland had four points in the group stage in 2016 and finished top of the three numbers standings. All the other countries got three points: Portugal and Northern Ireland could breathe a sigh of relief, but Albania and Turkey flew on goal difference. If the Turks win – zero points and goal difference – 5 – in their last game against Switzerland with modest numbers, this history is likely to repeat itself.

In other words, the match between Switzerland and Turkey is interesting. In the event of a tie or victory by Turkey, the third number in the first group usually falls out, with the Swiss winning, the third number in the first group continues. It seems that these first two scenarios would suit Orange better: if the No. 3 in Group A does not qualify, the Netherlands will not draw against a country from the very difficult Group F if the group wins. If France, Portugal, Germany and Hungary continue to be third, then Orange will not meet one of these four countries in the next match.

But we can only speculate on that if the Netherlands wins against Austria and if North Macedonia doesn’t get the full pillage against Ukraine earlier on Thursday. We’ll know more around 11pm.

(Hein Nooijens / VoetbalPrimeur)

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