TikTok launches curfew notices and strict rules for teens


TikTok recently released a curfew notification update where they will stop sending push notifications to users aged 13-15 after 9pm and after 10pm for users aged 16-17.

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TikTok concluded that this was done so that users of that age group would not be curious and open the app after that hour. This is because several studies have shown that this age group is more vulnerable to social networking than adults.

In addition, TikTok has also tightened its restrictions on sending private messages. They issued the current PM ban on users under 16 years of age. Now by default, user accounts between the ages of 16-17 will disable their private messages and will require manual activation in the account settings.

TikTok also wants younger users to better understand and control who and how they consume and use the media they post. For this reason, it is no longer possible to download videos from users under the age of 16 officially through the platform.

Just like PM – 16-17 year olds will get this feature set up on their profile, which will be disabled by default. Additionally, when a user under 16 posts a video on TikTok, a new popup will allow them to choose which users are allowed to view the video.

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