Tighter Tata Steel permit, nitrogen emissions will be reduced

Tighter Tata Steel permit, nitrogen emissions will be reduced


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The province of North Holland has tightened the nature permit of Tata Steel. In the future, the steel producer may emit eight percent less nitrogen. “This space benefits nature,” the county said.

According to a list published by Minister Van der Wal (Nature and Nitrogen) last spring, Tata Steel is the largest industrial emitter of nitrogen in the Netherlands.

Mobilization for the Environment (MOB) filed three applications earlier this year for the permits granted to Tata Steel. The organization would have preferred to withdraw the nature permit entirely, but it is not necessary according to the prefecture.

Steel production is not declining

Now that the permit has been tightened, new nitrogen emissions regulations will be imposed on the company. For example, trucks and mobile equipment such as excavators and shovels should be replaced on site with environmentally friendly alternatives. In addition, Tata Steel is required to monitor and report nitrogen emissions annually.

According to Noord-Holland, even with the stricter rules, Tata Steel will have enough nitrogen room to transition to sustainable steel production in the coming years. The province also ensures that the steel producer comes up with concrete plans for this.

By the way, due to the tightened permit, Tata Steel does not have to curtail steel production, because it is not yet using the licensed nitrogen space.

Eight percent do not write about the homeland

According to MOB’s Johan Vollenbroek, this is the first time a county has dealt with an industrial company’s permit. However, he is not entirely happy with the boycott decision. “It’s only eight percent, which isn’t exactly anything to write home about.”

Vollenbroek has little faith in Tata’s plans to become more sustainable. “This process can take ten years.” Coke plants are still the biggest problem. “They just have to close in the short term.”

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