Three were arrested after being shot between policemen and criminals

Three were arrested after being shot between policemen and criminals

* The events that occurred in the Valle Dorado area, the alleged persons fled and were intercepted on Highway 57
* A municipal agent and a civilian were injured

February 7, 2021 By formulation

A municipal agent, a civilian, and three detainees were wounded, as a result of an attack on the General Directorate of Municipal Public Security, the events that took place in the Valle Dorado division, and they allegedly fled and were intercepted on Highway 57.

It was in the morning, when the aforementioned company’s clients, over the radio, requested the support of their colleagues because they were being attacked by bullets by several unknown persons, who were traveling in a white Nissan car, from the Tsuru Line, which was later known to have a theft report.

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The attack on law representatives took place at the corner of Estrela and Industrias Streets, in the Valle Dorado region. After the attack, officials quickly fled Estrella Street in an attempt to join the side of Interstate 57, near the shopping center.

But support was already on the way and customers had reported their base that criminals were heading toward Highway 57, along with the vehicle’s characteristics.

Agents who joined the hunt for suspects were able to locate the car in the lime in which the criminals were on the run. After the rapid mobilization, the agents clashed with the suspects, and one of them was injured in the clash. They finally managed to subjugate them.

The place was cordoned off by police officers, whose presence was notoriously, as all the companies were concentrated. The alleged suspects were arrested, and there were three in total, who were taken to police facilities, to be presented to the relevant authorities.

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[VIDEO] Shooting between municipal police and thugs; Four wounded

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