Three rockets fired at Israel from Syria | abroad

Three rockets fired at Israel from Syria |  abroad

Three missiles were fired from Syria at neighboring Israel. According to the Israeli army, one of the rockets landed in Syria. Nothing has been reported yet as the other two ended up.

According to Agence France-Presse, the launch of the missile came after a conflict near the Lebanese-Israeli border, in which a Shiite Hezbollah fighter was killed by the Israeli army. Hezbollah is also present in southern Syria, where the missiles came.

The situation has been turbulent throughout the day in Israel as people protest against the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. Protests also erupted in Jordan against Israeli actions. Yesterday, missiles were fired at Israel from Lebanon.

Sparked conflict

The attacks are linked to the raging conflict between Palestinian Hamas and the Israeli army over the Gaza Strip. Tensions rose last week after riots in East Jerusalem over the expulsion of Palestinians to make way for Jewish settlers. This led to violent protests at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and bombing between Hamas militants in Gaza and the Israeli armed forces, among others.

According to the IDF, more than 2,000 rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip, nearly 1,000 of them were intercepted. Eight Israelis were killed. The Israeli army bombed the Palestinians with air strikes, among other things. As a result, more than 120 people were killed.

International leaders have been calling for a truce all week. French President Emmanuel Macron spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday. Egypt is leading the negotiations, but neither side appears ready to lay down arms for the time being.

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