Three coach Sam van Eten to the World Cup in Las Vegas

Three coach Sam van Eten to the World Cup in Las Vegas

Schirmerhorn – Three Sam Van Eyten defenders will compete in the Triple A World Cup tournament in Las Vegas next week. The billiards player from Schermerhorn will leave for the United States in the coming days, with his first game scheduled for Monday, March 28.

This is the second World Cup participation abroad for Van Eyten, a multiple European and Dutch champion. Last year, Van Etten debuted in a competition with the world’s top three masters players in Veghel, Brabant by way of a wild card. This season he played all the World Cup tournaments.

Sam van Etten, who is only 25 years old, has ambitious plans to join the world’s top three pillow players within a few years. He is now accompanied by a team that includes, in addition to multi-champion Raymond Burgmann, coach Frans van Koek and mental coach Bart Bogard.

The pool player from De Schermer knows that there is still a long way to go to the top. But I am young and ambitious to rise. Dick Jaspers, number one in the world, is 55 years old. So I still have many years to grow it.

In Las Vegas, Van Etten first has to join the top 32 pool players in the world through a number of preliminary round matches. On Monday (to be followed on You Tube) there will be a match against the Korean talent Ji Eun Han.

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