Thousands of people were evacuated due to Typhoon Noro in the Philippines

Thousands of people were evacuated due to Typhoon Noro in the Philippines


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Thousands of people were evacuated along the coast in the Philippines due to the unexpected arrival of Typhoon Noro. Dozens of flights and ferry services were also canceled as a result of the typhoon, which grew in strength as it approached the mainland.

Shortly before nightfall, Nuru arrived at the port city of Pordios on Bolillo Island in Quezon Province.

The hurricane was still a storm yesterday, with winds of 85 kilometers per hour, which increased significantly above sea level in one day. Wind speeds of 195 kilometers per hour and gusts of up to 240 kilometers per hour were measured there.

Several ferry services were suspended and airlines canceled about 30 domestic and international flights to and from Manila.

A severe storm is raging over the Philippines

Authorities have begun evacuating thousands of people from the coastal areas of the densely populated island of Luzon, which also includes the capital, Manila. The mayor of Dingalan, also located in Luzon, reported power outages in some areas.

Nuru is expected to cause heavy rains in Manila and neighboring provinces. The typhoon will then move west to cross the South China Sea later tonight or tomorrow morning. He is due to visit Vietnam later in the week, and the winds are still strong.

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