Thousands of participants in the Groningen Torch Parade | the interior

Thousands of participants in the Groningen Torch Parade |  the interior

The protests raging in the gas boycott took place in a good mood, and therefore continued, despite the announcement of an additional 250 million euros on Friday in broad-based support to make homes more sustainable. After all, the doubling of gas production will continue in 2022 and there are still innumerable problems surrounding the fortification of houses, and this is what prompted the initiators to protest.

Sparks were in the air on Saturday night. Because of the strong wind, some torches burned like a crane. The participants had to put it into the gutter quickly. Mood is not affected. There was singing and slogans resounding. Runners from young students to elderly people from Groningen carried flags and protest banners. Loud trumpets resounded throughout the city.

…here we are again ”, this sounded from several mouths. Four years ago, ten thousand people walked a similar tour. Hemmo Battjes of Slochteren (Municipality of Midden-Groningen) brought the Groningen flag with him to this edition. He wants to make a proud statement from the gas field. It’s important to share, although I don’t expect much from it. There are a lot of nice conversations … and yet the gas goes to the Germans,” he says in the entire Wiesmarkt. He sympathizes with his fellow counties. You have passed the first round of the support program. But it was already known that it would be too short for everyone. My wife tried this round to ask her mother.”

Hamou Bategis (left) and Adolf Zuidhof (right).

Hamou Bategis (left) and Adolf Zuidhof (right).

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Area buddy Adolf Zuidhof of Scheldold (Maidden Groningen) adds: “I did really pass that first round, but unfortunately not many others. They queued all day this week for the second round, often for nothing. That’s a policy…we’re being scammed. once again “.

Support has also come from the broader northern region. A group of Frisians came to Groningen for a walk and displayed Frisian flags, about arch-rivals who made jokes despite serious action. In addition, there were sixty cultivators with tractors in the city. The tractors were parked along the road, with their lights and horns. Many farms in Groningen suffer severe damage to sheds, stables and compost cellars.

Regulator Chris Jarrett, formerly known in Martini as “Mayor of the Night,” said: “We have a lot to put up with, but we also belong in the Netherlands. We want safety and compensation in return.” De Groningse has criticized the gas policy and settlement of damages from gas extraction for years.

Thousands took to the streets carrying torches to demand respect for the region's national politicians.

Thousands took to the streets carrying torches to demand respect for the region’s national politicians.

Also present were MPs Henk Niebuhr and Lilian Blumen of the FDA party. “It is a pity that this is happening,” the former minister told Rtv Noord. As a member of the Limburger family, she feels connected to the people of Groningen.

Johan Dirksen

Support also came from within the state. Before the tour, journalist Johann Derksen heard himself via a video message on social media to the organization. “The way the government treats the people of Groningen bothers me deeply. There are people who have been waiting to pay a fee for their house for ten years. How long will Groningen have to accept this?” Dirksen: The most frustrating thing is that Randstad shows no solidarity at all. It’s outrageous.”

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