Thomas Kroll beats Kai Verbig in thrilling world title fight: ‘Effective chant is very appropriate’ | sports

Thomas Kroll beats Kai Verbig in thrilling world title fight: 'Effective chant is very appropriate' |  sports

Thomas Krol won the World Sprint Championship for the first time in his career. He ended up 0.12sec ahead of compatriot Kai Verbig in Hamar, Norway in a very exciting fight.

29-year-old Norwegian Havard Holmfjord Lorentzen took the bronze in front of his home crowd with a time of 0.67 seconds over Kroll, who modestly celebrated his world title. “How could that be possible? Yes, it’s more comfort than pure joy. The cheering was a bit frugal, but I think it’s fitting after what happened to Laurent Dubrell. I don’t know if I would win here if he didn’t test positive, because I was so tired.” The 1000m went very well, so I’m happy with that. Yes, of course it’s just a world title, so of course I’m happy. The prices are starting to pile up well, and that makes me proud.”

Kroll also said he sought mental help at the start of this ski season, after things had gone a bit off the ice. ,, I started working with A brain trainer† I was finally fired against Hein Otterspeer at Insel and it didn’t look good to my self-confidence. I notice that I am much better in my skin now. I feel like if I hadn’t, I might not have had such a strong season now.”

Verbig and Kroll saw the number one leader in the rankings, Canadian Laurent Dubreuil, disappear earlier in the day. Doberuil has tested positive for the coronavirus and has seen his chances of winning the world’s number one sprint title disappear in a disturbing fashion.

And in the women’s competition, Jota Leerdam won a thrilling battle earlier in the evening against Fimki Kwok, who was in front before the start of the crucial 1000 metres.

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Kroll had to make up for 0.16secs on the final distance of the quad in Verbig that he passed after the second 500m. Kroll won the 1000 meters with a time of 1.08.51. Verbig finished third with a time of 1.08.92 and thus took second place in the standings.

Kroll is the sixth Dutch skater to win the world sprint title. Jan Boss was first in 1998. Erben Wennemars then became two-time world sprint champion (2004, 2005), followed by Stefan Groothuis in 2012 and Michel Mulder in 2013 and 2014. Verbij was the last Dutchman to win the world sprint title in 2017.

Kay Verbig. © ANP

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