This week … the KNHS Candidate Board members have leaked

This week ... the KNHS Candidate Board members have leaked

Former NHS Director Georges de Jong (67) and Animik van der Forum (39) will be presented to the Board of Members next Thursday as candidates for the KNHS Board of Directors. De Jong’s comeback is especially impressive, but not for the potential director himself: “I’ve worked with the NHS and KNHS with great pleasure; I have probably spent the best time of my working life there. That’s why I’d like to contribute to the background.”

The message about nominated board members appeared before KNHS wanted to share this. The plan was to first await approval by the Council of Members, and the meeting of the Council of Members at which it will be discussed will not be held until next Thursday. For this reason, George de Jong doesn’t want an intense interview yet. First, let’s wait for the ruling of the Council of Members on Thursday. “

Gold trophies wins on lawn in Wellington

Bin Maher was the best in the three-star Grand Prix of Wellington last weekend with the eighteen-year-old Tic Tac (Clinton x Darko). It wasn’t the only first match in a lifetime. Eric Lamaze finished second with the pretty old lady (Forsyth x Druselklang II) in a hundredth of a second. Could it be on the roof of the grass? “For me, the lawn here is one of the best grass surfaces in the world,” Maher said after the Grand Prix. “That’s why I decided to start Tic Tac here.”

The Dutch Masters program aims for continuity

It continues! Thanks to loyal and committed sponsors, Indoor Brabant-The Dutch Masters will take place this year. Visitor collaboration and understanding also helps ensure this edition has only 60 participants, fewer employees and no audience. “All the parties really helped,” said grateful director Marcel Hunzi.

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Von Eckermann and Sprunger are building a future in Limburg

Henrik von Eckermann and Janica Sprunger created a stir in the Netherlands. The powerful couple, who have jumped from climax to climax in recent years, are moving from Germany to Kessel in Limburg. Here, serious work is underway on the couple’s new stable. “Construction is progressing rapidly, but I must add that it was a long process,” says von Eckermann.

Gilleson: Brexit has not made it more fun

According to Chantal Gillesin, co-owner of Gelissen Horse Transport, a lot has changed due to Brexit. “Thanks to Brexit, England has become a“ third country ”, a country that is no longer a member of the European Union. Within the European Union, we work with TRACES (Online Health Certification System, Editor), which is a system that we can work with quite easily. The situation with England also cannot be compared to Switzerland or Norway, although TRACES is used there. ”

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