This way you can see at home how busy the Mall of the Netherlands is

This way you can see at home how busy the Mall of the Netherlands is

Renovated shopping center in Leidschenhage: The Mall of the Netherlands is a great place to shop. Especially when the weather is bad, because the shopping center is covered. But we are still in a pandemic, so we must avoid crowded places. This way you can already see at home if it’s busy (too):

Last weekend the place was so crowded at Mall of the Netherlands that at a certain point people weren’t allowed to join, we read in AD.


Car parks have been closed and people are asked not to come to the mall anymore. But how do you know in advance if it’s too busy or not? When can you shop quietly?

There is a handy tool for this that we call a pressure gauge. On Google Maps, you can see how busy it is in certain locations. This data is live.

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Mall of Holland google maps

Open the Google Maps app or go to
• Search for a specific location, for example the Mall of the Netherlands
• Open the website (click on “Map” at the bottom)

You will now see opening hours and other information and also a graph showing peak hours during opening. By swiping left or right, you can view the other days of the week. This way you can see what busy days are and also how busy it is at the moment.

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