This two-story game hall opens at the Mall of the Netherlands

This two-story game hall opens at the Mall of the Netherlands

After a few weeks, it will finally open. Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is the largest indoor shopping center in the Netherlands with many shops, restaurants and other fun things to do. It was just announced that Gamestate will also open a huge branch there.

We already know Gamestate from the center of The Hague, where the arcade full of video games opened more than two years ago. If all goes according to plan (and coronavirus measures allow it), the Mall of the Netherlands will open on March 18. The new Gamestate will open that day.


The latest arcade games can be found soon in the new shopping center Leidschendam. Gamestate’s two-story area will not be less than 700 square meters and will be packed with the latest games, including virtual reality but also 4-in-a-row basketball game.

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