This Siberian shaman wants to expel Putin from the Kremlin

This Siberian shaman wants to expel Putin from the Kremlin

In the United States they might storm the Capitol in carnival clothes, in Russia a Siberian shaman wants to go to the Kremlin with his entourage. The goal: expel President Putin with the help of black magic. This is not the first time. In 2019, Alexander Gabesjeev had already begun a similar crusade to expel the “ Devil in the Kremlin ” when he traveled on foot from Yakutsk, Siberia, towards the capital, over a distance of more than 8,000 km.

But at the time, the expedition was already stuck in its home region. Local authorities arrested him because he was said to be mentally ill, so they arrested him and forcibly admitted him to a psychiatric clinic.

But now, six months after his release, Jabshev is more determined than ever. “Around March, when the weather is warmer, I will leave Yakutsk on a white horse,” he explained on YouTube. Although, there was still a practical problem: Gabysjev was still looking for a horse to make its journey towards Red Square.

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