This new feature for sent messages will change everything

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Messaging service coming soon with great feature

The new WhatsApp feature in your chat history will change everything

WhatsApp messenger is working on a new functionality that allows editing text messages afterwards.

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Do you want to edit WhatsApp messages next? New feature coming soon

Anyone who has mistyped a long message in WhatsApp chat history and has already sent the entire text has no choice but to write a new message and correct the spelling mistake.

This inconvenience for many users will soon become a thing of the past. Because the company is currently working on the fact that text messages can also be edited afterwards.

Since the online news portal “” currently reports, the sender simply has to mark the message and then select the “Edit” option. Then the message should end in the text field in WhatsApp again and can be changed as desired.

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WhatsApp is said to be working hard on a new feature – but when will the new feature come out?

The online platform WABetaInfo has detected in the current beta version of Android that users of an older version of the app will receive a notification in the future when they send a modified WhatsApp message. The application must be refreshed again if you want to see the relevant changes in the message. This should be a clear indication that the new functionality is already being worked on behind the scenes and that the feature will soon be out on users’ smartphones.

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The new functionality is still being developed internally in WhatsApp. The company has not yet announced when the functionality will be downloaded as an update for iOS, Android, and desktop version. Accordingly, some new features may change prior to publication. (indeed)

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