This is the story behind Duchess Kate’s favorite yellow dress

Kate is known for rocking clothes regularly and pulling out old favorites again. Although there is one dress that William wouldn’t prefer to see in return.

When the Duchess recorded a fun video in 2020 to encourage aid workers in Australia, she wore a light yellow dress. And with that, she looked like she had made a subtle nod to a former state visit to the country in 2014. When the Duchess wore the same dress.

Photo: BrunoPress

Fresh and fruity

The yellow, white, large-block dress was a huge hit with fans, but it also didn’t go unnoticed by Prince William. “He said I looked like a banana,” Kate reassured a visitor to Australia at the time. no , Now we don’t see anything else.

Australia, 2014. Photo: BrunoPress


However, she doesn’t seem to have paid much attention to Williams’ inaccurate remark. She has since been seen wearing the dress during a visit to the Wimbledon semi-finals in 2016.

Wimbledon, 2016. Photo: BRONOPRES

The dress is by Roksanda, and note that Kate is quite confident when it comes to the banana color. For her visit to Jamaica earlier this year, the Duchess re-appeared in a yellow dress from the label.

Jamaica, 2022. Photo: BrunoPress

Did a lot of Banana comments go back and forth between Cambridge during that plane trip? likely. But as far as we’re concerned, Kate could safely repeat this golden yellow summer dress. Sorry wills!

Source: Beau Monde Archive, Kate Middleton style | Photo: BrunoPress

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