This is the full draw for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar | football

This is the full draw for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar |  football

Belgium will face Canada, Morocco and Croatia in Group F. Fun and challenging matches for the Red Devils, who will once again try to win the final tournament. The most beautiful poster on paper comes from Group E, where Germany and Spain compete with each other.

In Group H, there will be a meeting between Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo and Uruguay led by Luis Suarez. And in Group B, a real ‘derby’ is looming for England, if Scotland or Wales can snatch the last European ticket.

Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal and the Netherlands.

Group B: England, Iran, the United States and the winner of the play-off between Wales and Scotland/Ukraine.

Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland.

Group D: France, Denmark, Tunisia and the winner of the play-off between Peru and Australia / United Arab Emirates.

Group E: Spain, Germany, Japan and the winner of the play-off between Costa Rica and New Zealand.

Sixth group: Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Croatia.

Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon.

Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea.


at Germany He was not unanimously positive about the lottery. “We knew there would definitely be a very strong opponent,” goalkeeper Manuel Neuer said. “It’s become Spain. We’ve had bad experiences with this opponent, but I’m sure we won’t make the same mistake we did in the past.” Neuer was referring to the previous 6-0 defeat in the Nations League against Spain.

Germany played a tie with Orange in an exhibition match earlier this week. Neuer: „We have embarked on a new path with a new national coach. All goes well. Fortunately, we still have some time to prepare better. We will use that time. But we are also looking forward to the World Cup with great confidence.”

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Japan and the qualifier winners between Costa Rica and New Zealand also play in the German group. Neuer: “Obviously we have to be on the lookout from day one. We want to win all our matches. That will be our attitude.” He did not want to name a candidate for the final win of the tournament. There are factors at play that cannot yet be appreciated. For example, the shape of the day.”


at England The national coach responded with concern. After the World Cup draw in Doha, Gareth Southgate was mainly concerned about the short time to prepare for the event. The first match of his team in Qatar against Iran takes place eight days after the last round of the English Premier League for the battle for the world title.

“We’re playing right at the start of the World Cup and that’s a disadvantage,” Southgate said. „After the last round of our special competition, we must already leave for Doha immediately. We can now start working on getting it all done in the best possible way.”

England also play against the United States in the group stage. The third contender is Wales, Scotland and Ukraine. Southgate: “We may also have a British derby. Everyone knows what that means. It won’t be easy.”

Iran / United States

The group match between the United States and Iran is perhaps the most politically charged game. The two countries have not had diplomatic relations since the Iranian revolution in 1980. Iran’s national team coach Dragan Skocic admitted that the game carried a political charge, but that’s all there is to it. I am not a politician. “I focus on football,” the Croatian said.

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Iran and the United States will meet in Group B on November 29. There are always tensions between the United States and Iran, especially regarding Iran’s nuclear programme, and Britain’s relationship with Tehran is also tense.

The United States and Iran previously played each other in the 1998 World Cup, when Iran won 2-1. “My team and I will focus completely on sporting matters and prepare in the best possible way,” said Skocic, who was delighted with the draw. “It could have been worse, as if he was in a group with Spain and Germany.”


at Belgium National coach Martinez talks about a difficult draw. Canada, Morocco and vice world champion Croatia, were rivals Belgium in the World Cup group stage. The national team coach, Roberto Martinez, spoke of the “difficult and difficult” draw. “But they are games to look forward to, in part because of the relationships that exist between certain countries,” he continued.

“Morocco has a lot of players with a Belgian connection,” the Spaniard said. “Canada had a solid run in the qualifiers and then there is Croatia, which we all know from the last World Cup in Russia. I am looking forward to starting the preparation. The good news is that we will be playing our first match a little later, which means we have a longer preparation time and we may have” Another farewell match for our fans.

The Belgians will play their opening match against Canada on November 23.


The French National coach Didier Deschamps will face a well-known opponent with Denmark in the Qatar World Cup. The French will also play the Danes in the Nations League group stage in June and September. “I don’t know if that’s perfect,” Deschamps said. “Both teams at least know each other well. Although the Nations League is different from the World Cup.”

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The defending champion’s coach certainly wouldn’t underestimate the opponent. “He is number 11 in the world and they reached the semi-finals in the last European Championship. You have to respect that.” France will meet Tunisia, the winner of the play-off matches between the UAE, Australia and Peru. “It could have been easier, but also harder,” Deschamps said.

In previous World Cups, defending champion Germany could not make it through the group stage and four years ago, Spain also failed as world champions in the group with the Netherlands. Anyway, Deschamps was warned. As captain of the French national team, he won the world title in his country in 1998 and the European title two years later. At the 2002 World Cup, France was stranded in the group stage without the now retired Deschamps.

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