This is how you handle your air conditioner smartly

This is how you handle your air conditioner smartly

Ice cold shops and in the summer wearing a jacket to the office are becoming a thing of the past in Spain. As of this week, the air conditioning temperature may not fall below 27 degrees in public places and government buildings. Reason: energy saving. These rules do not yet exist in the Netherlands. How do you ensure a comfortable temperature at home during hot days without a high energy bill?

In certain parts of the world, air conditioning is just as common as central heating for Dutch households. For example, 90 percent of households in Japan and the United States already had an air conditioner in 2016. Also in the Netherlands, the demand for air conditioners has increased significantly in recent years. One in five households now has at least one air conditioner, according to research by information organization Milieu Centraal.

energy consumers

Air conditioners are bad news for the environment and energy bills. It consumes a lot of energy: a stationary air conditioner in one room (split air conditioner) consumes 15 times more energy than a fan. A stationary air conditioner consumes less energy than a portable air conditioner because it often operates in a separate system: an outdoor unit connected to the indoor unit through a wall or ceiling. With a portable air conditioner, the exhaust hose often hangs through an open window, so that warm air can flow back through the window.

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