This gives confidence to the World Cup: Red Panthers beat England 1-4 in the second game More sport

This gives confidence to the World Cup: Red Panthers beat England 1-4 in the second game More sport

hockeyThe Red Panthers avenged their second game in London after defeat the previous day. And how: Our women’s hockey team won 1-4 from the fourth country in the world rankings. That can count on confidence towards the World Cup, which begins for the Panthers on July 3.

The Red Panthers lost their first game to England 2-1 on Saturday at Lee Valley Center in London. Our hockey women can look back on their excellent first half. For the second match, Amber Balingen and France de Mott were eliminated. Abi Ray, one of the World Cup reserve teams, was allowed to appear.

Sunday’s start was excellent again from the hockey women. Stephanie Vanden Bure was allowed to attempt a penalty twice after just two minutes, but was unable to score. The Belgian advance came in the twelfth minute. Barbara Nelen persevered, making a shot at Stephanie Vanden Bure, which veered into the goal via an English stick (0-1).

Stephanie Vanden Bure celebrates her goal. © BELGA

In the second quarter, the Panthers continued to put pressure on them and that created opportunities for Alex Gernier and Barbara Nelen. It was only two minutes before the end of the first half whistle for the deserved second goal. 20-year-old Justin Raser hit the net after Alex Gernier recovered the ball on the edge of the English circuit. England could threaten twice in the second quarter, but Elena Sotjo saved each time.

Unlike the day before, the Panthers continued their momentum initially after the break. In the 33rd minute, Belgium received three consecutive corner kicks and completed the last Stephanie Vanden Bure: 0-3. The Flemish East has its sixth goal in this professional league. This third goal was a signal for England to give some extra gas. It worked, especially because the Panthers were on the field with only nine players due to green cards from Hélène Brasseur and Emma Puvez. England took advantage of the advantage and scored the linking goal through Tessa Howard in the 41st minute: 1-3. The Panthers were now pushed back and moments later England had an excellent chance to get back into the game. A controversial stroke was awarded, but Aisling D’Hooghe fended off well. Two goalkeepers with excellent saves: This is also good news for the World Cup.

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Judith Vandermeren.
Judith Vandermeren. © BELGA

In the last quarter England had a very quick chance, but then the Panthers held onto control. In fact, five minutes before the end of the match, Resir made her decision (1-4) with her second goal in the match. Handsome, and just two weeks before the start of the World Cup, it was also a very important victory for women’s hockey.

In any case, the Panthers are running their best Pro League campaign with seven wins and one draw – and they are currently fourth – out of 14 matches. They have played against the best countries from all over the world and have worked hard on a physical level. Next week they can finish the Jamal Pro League in Den Bosch with two matches against the USA, after which they can start their World Cup adventure in Terrassa.

The Red Panthers started with: Aisling Duhoge, Lynne Heliwoert, Helen Brassor, Emma Bouverries, Stephanie Vanden Bure, Charlotte Engelbert, Judith Vandermeren, Michelle Strwick, Barbara Nelen, Abby Ray and Alexia T Serstevens. They were later followed by Elena Sotjo, Lucy Brin, Pauline Licliffe, Alex Gerniers, Justin Raser and Louise Versaville.


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