This epic fantasy flop is winning fast on Netflix

This epic fantasy flop is winning fast on Netflix

Although you wouldn’t expect it, Universal Pictures’ Warcraft didn’t give a cent to the movie studio. Fortunately, the movie is now a hit on streaming service Netflix.Cans It was called here in Holland when a very ambitious movie was released cans: the beginning† This was not achieved at the time, due to disappointing performance at the box office. Cans It cost US$160 million and more money for marketing and distribution. Although it grossed $439 million worldwide, the film cost between $15 and $40 million and was therefore not profitable.

Cans on Netflix
any Cans It resulted in nothing but money cost, due to the box office split. It has generated $47 million in the US and another whopping $225 million in China (where there has also been thought for some time about a sequel that didn’t come).

Cans It was also a huge hit with the general public with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 76 percent. So it may be liked more by the wider audience than the critics, whose reviews were only 28 percent good.

Maybe this could also be a success Cans On Netflix announces that the movie has been purchased. FlixPatrol shows that the streaming service has taken a hit with the fantasy movie.

Cans It ranks seventh in the Netherlands for most-watched films. It also works well in other countries, according to the numbers on the site.

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