This company pays you to listen to separate songs for 24 hours

This company pays you to listen to separate songs for 24 hours

love disease We were all there. Your heart is broken, you can’t get a bite out of your throat and all you want to do is go to bed break up songs He listens. But, It’s time to turn that frown upside down. FinanceBuzz pays you $1,100 (€975) for 24 hours break up songs to listen.

breakup songs

Have you just gotten out of a relationship and would rather listen to sad love songs all day long? Then this is Profession for you. At FinanceBuzz, they are looking for someone to hold the position of DJ or Heartache. DJ of Heartache’s job is to watch the most popular characters for 24 hours break up songs Listen and then divide them into five categories based on each category break up Stage. the five break up The stages of grief are the same as the five stages of grief: denial, anger, relapse, depression, and acceptance.

We all know a good dose Taylor Swift-Di songs key He overtakes someone. And let’s face it: listening to sad love songs for 24 hours is nothing compared to the average heartbreak. Earn almost a thousand euros with that? Come here!

Separation cost

The DJ of Heartache position provides a nice pocket money. According to FinanceBuzz, the amount of approximately one thousand euros is based on the average cost of a file break up. The site reads: “The Netflix subscription you’re no longer sharing, a premium dating profile so you can quickly find a rebound, some therapy sessions, and of course some ice cream if you want to get rid of your feelings.”

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There are a number of conditions that you must meet. For example, you must have recently been single or still sad. Even if you have been separated from your ex for several months, but still Heart broken You are eligible for the position of DJ or Heartache. You must also be at least eighteen years old and live – unfortunately – in the United States. to me sad bachelors Living in America, they must register no later than January 31.

The winner will be selected and contacted on February 2nd. Heartache’s new DJ must go to everyone break up songs to listen. With all the sad love songs you’ve listened to by then, you’ll be ready again up and running for Valentine’s Day.

Source: FinanceBuzz, Elite Daily | Photo: iStock

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