This café in Utrecht is always packed

This café in Utrecht is always packed

In the café with the largest number of TV screens in Utrecht, seventeen in all, you cannot miss the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Argentina. Owner Séan Hoogendoorn of Champions Sportsbar & Grill broadcasts all World Cup matches and hosts many nationalities. Fans from Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in particular flock to the café in droves to watch the World Cup. “We are regularly filled with Brazilians, Spaniards and Argentines.”

These fans seem to give anything to support their country. It is no coincidence that no country has as many fans in Qatar as Argentina. You also notice this in Dutch pubs. “It’s really a big party when you’re playing these countries,” Hoogendoorn says.

The orange fever is increasing day by day, as they see in Utrecht. “While people started to speculate during the group matches, the match against Argentina instantly sold out online after the Netherlands beat the USA. Fans call us every day to see if there is still a spot available.”

At the time of going to press, the match between the Netherlands and Argentina had not yet started. Visit our website and app for match report and backgrounds.

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