Thirty elementary schools in West Brabant ignore the cabinet and remain closed on Mondays | Interior

Thirty elementary schools in West Brabant ignore the cabinet and remain closed on Mondays |  Interior

No more than thirty elementary schools will open on Lowys Porquin in West Brabant on Monday. The organization announced this in a letter to parents on Wednesday. “We see it as our responsibility to only open our schools if we can do so safely, responsibly and practically. After thinking, we came to the conclusion that this is not possible at the moment.”

And they write that the decision applies even after the Carnival holiday at least. Distance education, as well as emergency shelter, will continue in designated central locations. “In this way, teachers also have more time to properly prepare physical education after the Carnival holiday.”

The school board in the region surrounding Bergen op Zoom reached the decision, among other things, due to “uncertainty about the progression of the British, Brazilian and South African alternative,” they write. Lack of clarity about a potential third wave and ‘strict quarantine rules’ play a role as well.

Education Inspectorate

According to the Inspectorate of Education, schools may remain closed if they are supported by GGD advice or if many teachers are sick or should be isolated. This is the case, says Stefan Cepero, Chair of Lowys Porquin ‘Board of Directors, this is the case: There is no advice from GGD to keep the school closed, but there are actually too many teachers who cannot stand up to the class because they are sick, in the risk group or because they don’t dare ” .

Cipero says he received mixed reactions to the decision to remain locked. “I heard from the school principals that they received a lot of feedback. Some parents are positive. Others said it was really impossible to bear it at home.”

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Schools open after the weekend

On the advice of the outbreak management team (OMT), the Cabinet decided last weekend that schools in elementary, private primary education and childcare could open again starting Monday. In education, this is answered with skepticism.

For example, the CNV Education Consortium wants teachers to be better tested and protected. Het Palet Elementary School in Hapert also announced this week that it will remain closed. According to director Gerard Smetser, this decision received a lot of support.

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